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Sungmin is getting married! Say what?!! Tbh im very happy for him i really believe that idols have the right to live their life like they want and to enjoy moments like this! i know only true ELF will suport him no matter what cuz i know i do. I wish him happiness and the best part is that not once he mention leaving Super Junior so we shouldnt be worried about it. If Tablo oppa can do it (getting married, having a child and still be part of his band) im pretty sure Sungmin can do it too <3

This is absolutely the worst year in Kpop ever.


Kris leaving EXO

Ladies’ Code EunB and Rise passing away

F(x)’s Sulli going on hiatus

Jessica getting kicked out of Girl’s Generation

Luhan leaving EXO

Lee Joon leaving MBLAQ

and now Thunder too leaving MBLAQ.

Could this year really get any worse…

i think the problem is that theres too many kpop groups coming out this year which puts old kpop groups in way too much pressure because of all the competition going on……


Gongchan’s sprout dance during Beautiful Target (@Dallas)

mnetamerica: #Baro has something to tell you guys! #B1A4 #GoB1A4RoadTrip #B1A4RoadTrip #Dallas @mnetamerica

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